Dr. Aaron Spitz explains Peyronies disease

Doctor's Best High Potency Serrapeptase (120,000 Units), 90-Count
Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme isolated from the non-pathogenic bacteria Serratia species found in the digestive tract of the Japanese silkworm. The enzyme is used by the worms to digest their cocoons. Serrapeptase has been used as a nutritional supplement in Europe and Asia for nearly three decades. Each vegetarian capsule of Best Serrapeptase contains enteric-coated pure serrapeptase designed for optimal absorption in the intestinal tract. Note: Best Serrapeptase is quantified in “Serratiopeptidase units,” which refers to the enzyme activity level. Enzymes like Serrapeptase are not measured in milligrams (mg), but in an unassociated measure of units. Best Serrapeptase has 40,000 Serratiopeptidase units per capsule, which is considered a very high amount of activity. Since Best High Potency Serrapeptase contains a tremendous 120,000 units, suggested use is only 1 capsule per day.
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12" 8 Rod Premium Extender Kit {Includes Manual & 30 Day Money Back}
Our Extender system offers excellent customization. Includes a full set of high quality bars, hybrid comfort strap and foam pads. Our rods length is customizable to fit all sizes and future gains. This device is made to fit any size between 3 to 9 inches. Beware of cheap extenders that only offer minimal rod sizes, which can risk damaging your body. Most manufactures use low quality material that can snap or bend within the first month of usage. Purchase our product with complete confidence and peace of mind. We offer a 1-year warranty with a 30-Day money back. The Pro Enhancer package contains: (1) Gold Stretcher System (1) Set of 1.6″ Extension Rods (4) Sets of .8″ Extension Rods (4) Sets of .2″ Extension Rods (1) Sets of .1″ Extension Rods (1) Silicone tubing w/Comfort Band (2) Comfort Cushion (1) Instruction manual
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Peyronie's Disease Natural Treatments and Cures
Peyronie's disease is a deformity and often scarring of a man's penis which affects men of any race or age. Possibly due to genetics or a blunt trauma to the region, fibrous plaques develop in the tissues of the penis and harden, which eventually causes the shaft of the penis to start to bend. The curvature and hardening of the plaques progressively worsens in 40-50% of cases and this eventually makes intercourse difficult, painful, and sometimes impossible. General practitioners and family doctors have little way to deal with Peyronie's disease; currently the only proven treatment is surgery which always results in a shortening of the penis and great patient dissatisfaction. Because of the pain, deformity and embarrassment involved with the condition, is not uncommon for men afflicted with Peyronie's disease to suffer from erectile dysfunction and to become depressed or withdraw from their sexual partners. This is where natural treatments from the field of alternative medicine can help. Many men have cured their Peyronie's disease through the alternative medical approach of specific nutritional supplements, self-massage and topical treatments. Included in this book are the most common and effective natural treatments proven to reverse Peyronie's disease and return the shape of the penis to normal, among them vitamin E, POTABA, acetyl-L-carnitine, and other supplements as well as penis extenders (such as Andropenis) and topical massage applications of castor oil, potassium iodide (SSKI) and DMSO. If you are looking for information on the proven natural treatments you can apply in the privacy of your own home for eliminating Peyronie's plaques, pain and curvature to regain a normal sex life and normal penis shape once again, this is the book you have been seeking.
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Diary of an Expat in Singapore
Jennifer Gargiulo, published 2014, 240 pages