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Why you must visit the Great Wall of China in your lifetime



It has a timeless feeling that no cities in contemporary China or even rural villages anymore, have so I went to the Great Wall of China. I was actually on a family holiday. I too gone out with a group of people. We were actually going on to Tibet, so it was. It was a quite an adventurous tour, one of the best times I went.


I was traveling with a group of US Senators, usually it’s teeming with tourists, but the government closed it for us. So we went to Berlin, which is one of the most popular areas. I was really excited. I’D always dreamed about it from when I was a child. It was decided that we would go some way further to a place.


Called simatai was a good three hour drive. We did wonder at the time why we’d made it difficult for ourselves. We saw the wall at mutianyu. There is a cable car to get up onto it and there’s also a kind of slide get down on the other side which entry family holiday style. I wasn’t allowed to use, we had to just take steps, the stretches, the wall.


There is one of the very well-preserved ones, there were fewer people and we were there and the whole experience was, I think, much more magical as a result of that, and I think that, having the time to really explore it on your own is what I enjoyed. The most it still has has sort of a sense of magic. I felt like I was seeing ancient China. It has a timeless feeling that no cities in contemporary China or even rural villages anymore, have you can’t really get a sense of the wall until you’re. Actually up on it, it’s it’s extraordinary to stand on the edge or even to stand on the bottom.


Looking up and just see how sheer the drop is, and it is such an extraordinary construction that of my breath was taken away. I mean it’s like nothing else. You can possibly imagine and to think about why human beings would build something in such an awkward place. The sheer feat of building it must have been a journey. It was extraordinary.


Countless countless people died in the construction of that and there are echoes of that when you’re there, China or the country is just so different in every respect from what we know in the West and the wall is quite a good place to kind of start. Some journey of understanding of that the Great Wall of China is something that’s very easily, combined with a trip to China, the taste in Beijing, if you’re in Beijing for a few days, just kind of wait until you have a good day with visibility because of the Pollution, try not to be too fixated about in advance about which day you’re going to go on, because you may actually wake up and the visibilities not very good. So it’s it’s best. If you can try and be flexible, I would recommend, unless time is incredibly limited, going further than battling and go to some of the more remote ones, you’re more likely to have fewer people there. If you’re active, I would definitely recommend hiking for quite a long time.


Along the wall and bringing a picnic lunch, you can do a ten kilometer hike from jinshanling to simatai, and this, if you do that, you have got about three hours where you may not see any other human being, and this is great because being alone in modern China almost never happens,

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