So why reinvent yourself?

reinvent yourself

So why reinvent yourself?

Are you healthy?  Is your weight where you want it to be?  Can you take the stairs without risking cardiac arrest?  Are you as fit and attractive as you can be to attract the perfect partner for your life?

When you go to a restaurant, do you look at the price or order what you want?  Are you anxious to conquer your next item on your bucket list, or are you wondering how you are paying the electric bill this month?

If a see a gorgeous woman at a bar, do I know how to approach her, or do I give up before I begin?

Are you living with the person you love?  Over the course of my life, I can’t think of more bad decisions as to choices for marriage.  Nothing will destroy personal health and wealth than a bad relationship. I have a string of divorces to prove it.

When it comes to finding your perfect relationship, I defer to Harry Browne for advice.  First, he advises to avoid getting married unless necessary, and to treasure the areas of common interest and not insist that your partner compromise their principles to satisfy you.

I won’t ask you to watch a football game with me.  Don’t ask me to take you to the opera.

I’m not sure why we buy into the bullshit about having a soulmate.  The whole notion implies that a human being is not already complete.  I don’t need you to complete me, or compete with me.

What Harry Browne advises for any area of your life is to know what you want, determine the price you will have to pay to get it, and pay the price.  Don’t complain about the price. Either pay it or move on.

Your life and theme are not a competition.  My success or failure will not help or hurt yours.  We are all here to help each other by networking and celebrating and sharing successes.

Reinventing yourself is scary.  For maybe the first time in your life, you become 100% responsible for your happiness.  You are 100% accountable for your success. If it were easy, we would all reinvent ourselves daily.

And it doesn’t have to be instant grits.  James Altucher is a big proponent of 1% improvement on a daily basis in four areas:  mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. I prefer health, wealth, and relationships, but decide for yourself.

Many so called success gurus or coaches are big on goals.  I am not. A goal implies a destination where you are done and don’t have to work anymore.  That’s why I talk about reinventing your theme. 

A theme is never finished – much like a website.  If you were to create a website or blog with the goal of making it 1% better each day, by the end of a year, you would likely have one of the top sites on the Internet.

Fear keeps us from accepting responsibility for our lives.  When we stay in our self-imposed prisons, failure can be excused.  

I lost my job.  I’m too tired to exercise.  My wife treats me like something you sometimes step in.

One danger in the digital age is social media instead of a social life.  I am guilty to a degree more than most people. I have a few friends, and thousands of acquaintances.  The desire for returning to the life of perpetual traveler is motivated by an opportunity to make each day in each new location as exciting as possible.

I don’t like stuff, but experiences.  Now you’re talking.

I love airports.  New restaurants and new foods.  Strange you know what.

Nothing will bring back my past travels.  However, I can make changes now that will make me a deadly alpha male before I go PT.  To do that, I actually bought something called the Girlfriend Activation System.  Sounds cheezy, but I wish I had this instruction decades ago.  Would have saved me an ex-wife or two.

Most of my life, I didn’t have to work to find women.  I’m no stud, and I don’t have Bill Gates or Trump money.  I just managed to have jobs or be in a position where I would naturally find women who would come to me.

For example, I once tutored graduate students at a major university in Suwon, South Korea.  Suwon is about a 45 minute train or bus ride south of Seoul.  At that time (late 1970s), Korea was just getting moving with economic development.  Prices were cheap.

The Korean film industry was robust.  Few people had television at home, although it was growing fast, like everything else.  Women saw all the major American movies, and the western guys. Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood were especially popular.

Now here I am in a good sized city, but not one with a large number of Americans.  An American air force base was down the road a ways, but local women would never go there.  Only hookers. Not that it wasn’t a great place to visit when you needed specific female company.

Suwon had a large number of college girls and more importantly, factory girls.  Single Korean women worked long hard hours, lived in company dorms, ate company meals, and sent money home to their families.

When the girls had curiosity about western men, you were it.  All we had to do was sit there, and the girls would ask the grad students to introduce them to me.  We all made out like bandits. Fish in a barrel.  

The point is, I’m not 23 anymore, and the girls don’t come to me.  If I am to pursue women around the world, I need to up my inner and outer games.

At 66, I have to clean up my act physically, and learn how to approach and win over the most beautiful women in the world who are 20 – 25 years my junior.

I’m ready.

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