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Morning Dictation

Morning Dictation


I have been way too tired recently, and feeling a bit sick. Even still, I have to keep turning out pages of new content for my blogs.


Today I need you to take the time to post everything and get this so worried does me some good online.


What I need to go back to is the morning pages. But now the morning pages have become morning dictation which is much easier.


What I have to do today is to clean up that room and get my workspace in the right kind of order. Not having the right workspace is making it difficult to get up and get my rituals and place.


I also need to have this room available to help out a couple of people in a difficult toxic situation, should they need a place to crash.


As much as I hate to do it oh, I do wake up about 3:30 every morning anyway. so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be working from that time of day. The trouble is I’ve been suffering from fatigue for a couple days, and I tend to feed the critters and then go back to sleep.


When I wake up at 3:30, I need to make the morning dictation the first part of my day. Sometimes I have a tendency to turn the TV on, but that has to go. I don’t mind watching some TV, I just want to take care of useless stuff during that time. Like checking email.


Besides diabetes, I have to work hard right now to take care of BPH.


The science doesn’t look real good. It seems to be something that’s pretty hard to take care of naturally. At this time, I do have maximum Flomax and now I have that new medicine that should shrink the prostate over a period of 3 to 6 months. Even if the medicine works, it looks like the prostate might get large again if you stop taking it.


That would be okay if not for some of the side effects like sexual dysfunction. So far that doesn’t look like a problem.


I am scheduled for an advanced test in a few days.  I am almost certain that prostate surgery is in my future.

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