Digital Currency

Digital Currency

“Our entire governing system is failing, much by design, and the financial order has been decimated due to money printing and debt. The structured wealth transfers are nearly complete, so what is now necessary in order for the powerful to retain and also gain total control is to reconstruct the monetary and financial system to a digital and trackable structure based on credit and social compliance. This is the reason for this fake pandemic, and other distractions that allow more government regulation and restriction of the people. ”

Beware This Evil “Covid-19” Phase 2 Plot: Remember, We Are All Disposable Units in the Eyes of the State

To change to a digital currency is already happening around the world in some places like Sweden.

My daughter has spent some time there in recent years, and it’s a very hard place to use cash anymore.

With the US government putting some money and individuals bank accounts using the stimulus, that’s a good way to start by having everyone tracked the other bank accounts.

Only the very poor who are not in the banking system we’re giving a credit like card to use to spend their stimulus money. But the tracking is the same.

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