Age Differences Country By Country

Age Differences Country By Country

Here are my raw opinions as to the more suitable age for women that my 66 year old ass might just attract:

The quantity and top quality of young and lovely brides in Russia and Ukraine often times creates trouble in the minds of men from Western countries.

Trust is a huge factor, especially for very young Eastern European women.

In couples where the age gap approaches generational, the older partner is under a continuous and significant stress. While it can be very interesting at first, the long-term prospects of such relationships are directly influenced by how self-worthy the mature spouse feels. Being anxious that your younger half might leave is likely to aid in deterioration of your marriage.

The mail order bride websites in the Ukraine are a cesspool of scams created to lure men into their web and extract their bank accounts.

Women in Ukraine start families far earlier in life – in their early or mid 20s, while men in North America who do in middle or late 30s. Western men typically take good care of themselves and look much younger than Ukrainian men of the same age.

The rule of thumb is: the larger the age difference, the smaller the chances for a successful marriage. You don’t want to end up with someone who does not have solid feelings for you, who is primarily concerned with money and stability.

In Asian countries, the age difference between spouses is commonly in the range of 5 to 10 years, and in some countries arranged marriages are normal. The demographics in Asia have changed over the years – in the past only women with serious physical or mental disabilities were more than likely to stay single. But all throughout Asia women normally prefer older husbands.

As a whole, Latin American women are faithful, loyal, and devoted wives, which is why Latin countries have the lowest divorce rates in the world. For Latin American women the world revolves around the family. They often tend to stay with their birth family until they marry, then continue the custom with their new family.

Many Latin American women prefer men 10-12 years older because they consider age to be an indicator of maturity and strength. Latin American women are also concerned with appearance and financial success.

Many Eastern European and Asian women looking for older men have been married once before to a man near their age who was infantile and irresponsible.

In China, you can come across “Leftover Ladies” in their late 30s or divorcees in their 40s that appear to be years younger and who make fantastic wives. They have great problems with finding suitable matches at home.

Their self-confidence in most cases arises from the place of professional excellence instead of money alone (money is the by-product of their certified brilliance). Men who marry younger women are experts in their fields.

Good-looking young men with gym bodies can afford a fashion faux pas or two, but you cannot. Many women abroad have a more official idea of what is appropriate attire for men, and in particular on a first date. Expensive clothes and impressive style will be mandatory for the timeframe of your courtship, and maybe even the years thereafter.

If you search for a relationship with a much younger woman, make sure you want it for the proper reasons. It’s not unusual for an older divorced or widowed man to seek out a much younger woman. He may be seeking reassurance that he has not lost his sexual appeal.

You do have to give consideration to your home country’s immigration policies if you have a big age gap. It would be a shame to burn your time, your money, and start a visa process, to be denied at the end because you ignored this aspect.

Bottom line: Determine the woman who meets your needs, but know the potential risk. And if you want to enter a relationship with a lady who is 20+ years younger than you, please use safety measures.

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