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9 MUST DO’S! in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is one of the most lush and scenic countries we have ever seen from the volcano and the tropical forests to the beautiful beaches there is so much wildlife to see plus the people and cultures are so welcoming it is truly a country that should be on your list to visit I hope our time in Costa Rica will give you some insight and how truly amazing this country is welcome to our top nine number nine on our list is Arenal 1968 park this park has a couple of beautiful hikes at the bace of Arenal Volcano you get to see some wildlife a beautiful lake and old lava flows which are really cool there are two hikes one shorter than the other which takes you around that’s wonderful lake number eight is doing a night walk if you want to be a little bit scared try walking at night with a guide and look for things like insects birds and animals you may otherwise not want to see we didn’t plan on doing this but we really really enjoyed it [Music] number seven is the hike to la fortuna waterfall this is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls we’ve ever seen if you are brave enough you can choose to swim at the base of this powerful waterfall which we really really recommend so don’t forget to bring your swimsuit [Music] number six is hiking the Mistico hanging bridges this hike not only has some amazing bridges with great views the forest is so lush and there are lots of animals to be seen like monkeys snakes lizards and other animals this hike will take about two hours or so [Music] number five is zip-lining we decided to do the zipline in Monte Verde our research ranked it as one of the best in Costa Rica it did not disappoint if you are taking small children though make sure that you are comfortable with them going on their own without a guide otherwise it’s an awesome time [Music] number four is going on a catamaran sailboat we just love spending the day on a sailboat to go scuba diving snorkeling kayaking and paddle boarding it is a super fun adventure for the whole family and now for our top three number three is Playa Flamingo Beach this was our favorite Beach we went to we loved the peacefulness the soft white sand that seems to go on forever and the beautiful teal blue water which is as warm as bath water [Music] number two is the safari tour at Ponderosa Adventure Park just outside Liberia we first board a large military transport truck which takes you through these giant gates into these massive nature reserves where you get to feed giraffes zebras camels and ostriches you feel like you’re in Jurassic Park with the large towering gates and the big military truck [Music] number one is Tabacon Falls resort this is a natural Hot Springs heated by the volcano how cool is that it has amazing waterfalls all around and a swimming pool with a swim-up bar the best part was the pathway system that climbs the volcano with little ponds you can bathe in all along the way the beautiful foliage and black rocks all around is so unique the higher you go up the volcano the warmer the water is you can stay for a whole day or as we did you can stay for the morning and finish with a nice buffet lunch this is located in Arenal Volcano National Park which you really really really recommend you visiting [Music] we hope our top 9 adventures we’ll help you in planning your trip to Costa Rica what’s your adventure! [Music]

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