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W.G. Hill Classic Collection of International Living and Investing as a Perpetual Traveler or Global Citizen. This offer is ten books which are hard to find as a Collection, but today here they are in perfect condition

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  • These Books are numbered and very difficult to find

2 thoughts on : PT: A Coherent for a Stress-free, Healthy and Properous Life Without Government Interference, Taxes or Coercion, 7th Edition

    Michael T.

    January 31, 2017

    The Holy Bible of the Individualist A person must understand what this book is. Much of the details in this book are outdated. But in 1989 when this book was first offered, it was groundbreaking. Very, very few people had ever heard of a multiple flag theory, W.G. Hill, Harry Schultz, Gary A. Scott, William Bonner or anyone else in the international lifestyle movement. This book brought this concept to tens of thousands during publication and maybe millions after publication. The book was brought to my attention in 1992…

    Scott McArthur

    January 31, 2017

    Dated, but good If you are even looking at this book, then you are probably familiar with the PT lifestyle, so I will not talk about that. This book is a very blunt look at life and freedom on this planet from many different angles and for many different reasons. In a post 9/11 world though, much of the specific information in here no longer applies and some of it is now illegal, but the principles that it teaches are timeless.The book itself is padded red leather with a gold foil stamped PT on…

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