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(correction I mispronounce “perpetual” in the video.. sorry about that) I have travelled many places but ended up in Pattaya, Thailand today I cruise around the city and talk about how men are born to go their own way but in today’s society many get enslaved in debt in their quest to gather as many material goods as possible they often end up stuck in the same job with a worthless house mortgage and a car loan to pay of a vehicle mostly used to drive through crazy traffic to and from work. I used to be a tourist 3 month a year but have ended up becoming a perpetual traveller leaving all my belongings and material goods behind. Making this decision was not easy as I needed to get a new career with enough success to pay the bills no matter where in the world I was. Also being a perpetual traveller is imo a great way to stop supporting babysitting governments that grab up more and more power to build police stat and criminal armies as you (depending on your country of origin) can avoid taxes and civil duties as a perpetual traveller this is a great nonviolent way to revolt against a system that has failed.

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I wish to provide my audience with the best possible videos, seek out new locations in SEA to film and prepare interesting narrative topics to entertain my viewers.

Pattaya is full of international visitors and expats which I try to do documentary style, fun and informative videos about. With its many Go-Go bars, nightclubs, beer bars and sexy Thai girls Pattaya is a city that never sleeps with a wild and crazy nightlife.

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