Killing Rain (John Rain Thrillers)

No one but Japanese-American assassin John Rain can win the game of cross and double cross he encounters in this new novel of sexy international intrigue in the series.

Torn between his past as a soldier and his vocation as a killer, longing for attachment but forced to operate alone, and haunted by the fear that one day there must be a reckoning for the things he has done, John Rain moves like a dark ghost through Tokyo and the other urban landscapes in which his Asian features enable him to operate undetected. His ability to make death appear to have been of “natural causes” keeps his reluctant services in constant demand.

In Killing Rain, Rain has a new employer, the Mossad-which needs an operator who can remove “problems” in Asia-and a new partner: Dox, the ex-marine sniper and party animal first introduced in Rain Storm. He also has a new hope-that by using his fearsome talents in the service of something good, he might atone for all the lives he has already taken. But when Rain’s freshly awakened conscience causes him to botch an assignment, turning what should have been a surgical hit into a massacre, he finds himself running both from the Mossad and from the CIA. Can he trust Delilah, the alluring Israeli agent whom he once fought and then loved, to save him now?

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  1. Dave Wilde

    Is There Any Redemption For Someone Who Is A Killer-For-Hire? “Redemption Games” (formerly “Killing Rain” and “One Last Kill”) is the fourth novel in Eisler’s eight-novel strong John Rain series. Rain is a Japanese-American professional assassin, who has lived in both countries and feels at home in both. Formerly of the Japanese Secret Service, he is now operating as a private contractor, often with a partner Dox. Sometimes he works with the CIA or Mossad. Sometimes he is at cross-purposes with these agencies. Although there have been many secret…

  2. Joseph J. Truncale

    Another action packed fast moving John Rain novel. A fantastic read. This is the fourth novel in the (Killing Rain by Barry Eisler) John Rain freelance assassin for hire series. I have been reading this fascinating series by Barry Eisler in the order that they were published. When I read the first book in this series (Rain Fall) I immediately liked the John Rain character but felt it was possible he was also a psychopath; however, after reading four books in this series I think John Rain is just a very careful and professional assassin and he does seem to have…

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